Unique Date

Variations of its Digits. A Brilliant Discovery! Inscrutable One. Have a closer look at today’s date: The outer digits of 2018 represent the day (28) while the inner digits represent the month (01). The only one of its kind this year. No special reason but simply amazing! Another reason to celebrate January! Do have a Special…… Continue reading Unique Date

He Talks, I Type; I Walk, He Guides!

He died that I may live for Him; He lives in me that I may move in Him; He moves in me that I may walk like Him; He walks with me that I may see His works; He works in me that I may complete the task; He completes me that I may be His Body!…… Continue reading He Talks, I Type; I Walk, He Guides!

I Killed My Old Man

The Cross – My Cusp Oh Yes, I did! You ask me why? There was no other choice. It was either he dies or I die. He was a slave, quick to anger and didn’t have a future. He was physically strong for sure, but I needed more than that; I needed supernatural strength. He was…… Continue reading I Killed My Old Man