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The name is made up of three parts:
Rand (derived from the word ‘random’)
This means my topics are not tied to any specific category. I am able to write about anything and everything I deem fit. Subsequently, I gather information from all categories, depending on my immediate need.
Rant (Monologue. a lengthy note done in an emotionally charged manner by a single performer)
I am able to speak at length regarding a specific matter,  as interpreted in my ‘world’, influenced by things taught in classrooms, learnt from life’s experiences and most importantly, inspired by my Paraclete.
Suffix: -tion is used to form nouns meaning “the action of (a verb)” or “the result of (a verb)
Therefore Randrantations is a made up English word meaning writings of a passionate individual regarding all aspects of life, done with the hope of brightening dull situations and celebrating  bright ones.
Source of inspiration: I watched a video of Lexicographer Erin McKean on YouTube regarding the art of making new words. This way I was able to come up with a name that suits my blog. Talk of perfect timing! You can check her out on:
The overall outcome was a unique name. The tagline “Random Rants” is rather straightforward. These are legitimate English words explaining the blog name. Welcome to my world as it’s summarized herein. I hope it’ll make a difference in yours in one way or the other. Fill me in on yours too!

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