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A Ripple Effect



The source of knowledge has evolved over the years. There was a time African children sat in circles while the elderly poured out generational stories that had educative messages. Women taught their girls how to cook, clean and make good wives as the men challenged the boys on leadership skills as well as providing for their homes. A people were known by their ways of living thus only limited to their ancestral skills and strengths. One was a parent to their children as well as a teacher, a doctor, a leader, and any other need that arose.

As time went by, the missionaries came to Africa and brought with them good things such as schools, hospitals, and so on. Africans were enrolled into these schools (both young and old) and were taught other ways of doing things, other languages, and most importantly, other religions. This began with basic day-to-day skills being imparted on them as well as knowledge in the use of handy tools for making work easier. With time and a period of many years, the system grew and was categorized into progressive clusters: pre – school, preparatory, high school, college, university, and so on. The higher the cluster, the more specialized it became. This has given birth to doctors, teachers, engineers, chefs, political leaders, coaches, drivers, lawyers, beauticians, etc. The key point to note here is that one could only go to one school per time and specialize in one area. For instance, once you attained the grade required for Medicine, you’d receive an admission letter to enroll into a university and as a boarder, spend a few years of your youth learning nothing but doctor – related units.

Now has come a time when the world has come to our finger tips via the World Wide Web! You need a food recipe? It’s a click away! You’re having pain on your lower back? The doctor is right there. You could call the number on your screen , get a prescription emailed and forward it to your nearest pharmacist, who is more than willing to do home deliveries! You feel fatter than fitter? Tune in to online Zumba sessions and even receive a personal trainer! All these, while taking a few online courses: one on Law, another on IT, and yet another on Home Management. To make it even better, you’re a Chat Support Agent for an online Magazine, a Proofreader for an online News website, a Telemarketer for an online Clothes Shop; all of which are streams of income. Can life get any better?

In like manner, God’s plan has been unfolding through various stages. There was a time God led His people through one individual: His Spirit would come upon the chosen one and he would decode God’s message and relay it to the people. These men were the only ones who had a direct relationship with God. They had to come from a priestly lineage. One had to confess his or her sins to these guys and they’d represent the people in the Holy of Holies. Can you imagine this only happened once a year! So if one had committed a sin that was going to defile the community, they had to be excommunicated until the next annual confession day. The ordinary man (one who wasn’t a priest) had no idea who God is. All he saw was what God did. I compare this with our first paragraph that talks about the elders training the children in the traditional African setup.

Then came a time when the Son of God came from heaven to earth. What was His main agenda? To take away the sin of the world, that we may approach God’s Throne. He, through the scriptures, has shown us how we ought to live, and therefore set a syllabus that prepares us for my next paragraph.

  • He is our School of Medicine – Matt 8:5-17 (He healed the sick),
  • He is our School of Law – 1 John 2:1 (He advocates for us when we sin),
  • He is our School of Diet – 1 Cor 11:23-34 (The Holy Communion),
  • He is our School of Bio – Chemistry – John 2:1-11 (He turned water into wine),
  • He is our School of Creative Arts – Matt 14:22-33 (He walked on water),
  • He is our School of Ecology – Matt 8:23-27 (He calmed the storm),
  • He is our School of Political Science – Matt 21:12 (He whipped the money changers),
  • And many more Schools, according to the needs thereof.

During this era, God taught man via illustrations and these were geographically limited to Jesus’ physical location, as my paragraph above that speaks of man having to do one course at a time.

Now has come a time when the Holy Spirit, once we confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, comes in us and makes our hearts His home! Everything Jesus did, we can do, and greater things than He did (John 14:12). He is our Parakletos – He leads us to a deeper knowledge of the Gospel of Truth, and gives us divine strength needed to enable us to undergo trials and persecutions on behalf of the Kingdom. He teaches us all things – even reminds us what we have forgotten! (John 14:26). W

Here comes the ripple effect – When The Holy Spirit, through me, touches the world-wide web and boom! A serious jolt that’s out of this world (literally). That’s the only way I’ll manage to be God’s witness to the ends of the earth!