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Spot On!

A Loophole To Academic Performance. Maturity Over Time.
School assembly had just ended with a prayer from the Senior Teacher, Mrs. Pendo. The pupils began to systematically stream out of the hall; girls first, followed by their male counterparts; from the pre-units all the way to the candidates. Being a school prefect, it was my duty to ensure that this order was kept, every pupil in their correct position.

Now, our school was very keen on detail; one of its positive attributes that has made me who I am today. Apart from the pupils being arranged according to their classes, they were also arranged according to height. Taabu happened to be the tallest girl among the Grade 7’s thus expected to be the last girl to exit, followed by the shortest Grade 7 boy, Kadogoo. The difference was usually so noticeable, considering the fact that the girls had already hit puberty, shooting up overnight, while the boys, who usually delay on this milestone, were still quite tiny and cheeky.

On this particular day, I noticed that Rehema, slightly shorter than Taabu, completed the queue, and being the disciplinarian I was, I quickly called to the two young ladies to switch positions before we could proceed with the exit. They hesitated a bit, but after locking eyes with the Senior Teacher who was overseeing this process, they had no choice but to obey. Taabu took a step back as she quickly fumbled with her pullover, to tie it on her waist; which was yet another No! No! at Lavington Primary School! Fear took over and her hands let go of the sweater, leaving her seriously stained yellow dress right in front of Kadogoo’s face! (She was quite tall, and Kadogoo ridiculously short; her waist line was at the same level as Kadogoo’s hairline). Spot on!

Have you ever wanted the earth to open up and swallow you like it did with Korah, all his supporters as well as their households in Numbers 16? That was my wish. Taabu was embarrassed beyond measure, as the boys pointed at her and jeered. Mrs. Pendo and I were speechless! The other girls quickly surrounded Taabu and guided her towards the washrooms. A day I remember with regret.

“And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained to Korah, and all their goods.” Numbers 16:32

Every day we have similar situations surrounding the girl child. The cost of living has risen in a way that parents are barely able to feed their children, let alone cater for their other needs, sanitary towels included. This magazine will not only give you a chance to be a blessing to the teenage girl, but also offer guidance to these girls on how to take care of themselves during this time of the month, as well as how to handle the changes taking place in their bodies, including emotional imbalances. Watch out for our next issue for more exciting stories and give-aways too!