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We Are Family


I am for Soprano. I am your Sister;
I am A for Alto. I am AnneObure.
You are for Tenor. You are my Teammate;
You are for Bass. You are my Brother.

When combined, we form chords that cannot be broken!

Together we produce a symphony;
Divided we generate unnecessary agony.
Together we release a sweet smelling fragrance;
Divided we allow the enemy to advance.

Heaven resounds our unity;
When we combine every ability.
Grab your corner and instrument;
Let’s penetrate every firmament.

Psalms 133:1 – ‘Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
For brethren to dwell together in unity!

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Liquid Love


Wow! When  God revealed this to me, I was utterly amazed. Today I was experiencing blogger’s block, not knowing that when I’m down to nothing, God’s up to something. He made me come up with the above illustration of Matthew 17:5 and I noticed how those center words (underlined) flow like a river; from above. God’s in the business of  revealing heaven’s answers to earth’s questions. This River heals everything that lies wherever it flows.

Now that we know Whom God is well pleased with, ain’t it easy to know how to please God? (Life’s FAQs) Simply follow Christ. You will not go wrong. Read the Word because He is the Word Incarnate (John 1:14). Listen to The Holy Spirit; He’s in you, revealing Jesus day by day. Come on, flow in this River of Love! Only then will you go deeper and deeper, and there you will find your Father – Deep calls unto deep (Psalms 42:7).

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His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me. Psalms 23:4

God – Ultimate Security

There are times when we feel as though we’re all alone. These are the times we wanna give up. Everything seems to be caving in on us. This is when I practice my 2 – 3 – 4 rule (Psalms 23:4 – The numbers are sequential thus easy to memorize). You could also term it as Hope, Step and Jump!

  • Hope in God 
Hope In God.jpg
Photo Courtesy of A Little Perspective
  • Step Out 
Photo Courtesy of Julie Sunne
  • Jump for Joy 

Jump for Joy.jpg

What more security do we need? If a mere sparrow doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, how much more you and I? (Matthew 10:29) Focus on Him, the Author of our lives and all these other things shall become non – issues. Nothing is impossible with God. Go ahead! sign up for that task which seems difficult. He has gone before you. He has set angels to watch over you (Luke 4:10). There is light at the end of that tunnel you are in right now.  All you need to do is look up, go deeper and lift Him higher!

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The Cycle Revealed!


I Started off as an egg. Very innocent, didn’t decide where to be born, no specific figure (simply round). At this point, I uniquely resembled those who bore me. They nurtured me and gave me their all as a head start of what was ahead. The cycles of life began to work on me. These again were beyond my control. I had to feed my way into growth.


I fed on mom (the leaf that carried me when I was an egg, I fed on the things I came across as I crawled; both good and bad. All these moulded me and prepared me for my next stage in life. The environment I was in determined my diet. I too was a danger to others as I tried to defend myself so as to survive. This, I must say, was a very influential part of my life. The schools I went to, the neighborhood I lived in, the God I was introduced to, and so on. Everyday is a learning experience and I, with the help of my seniors, managed to make the best out of it without missing the mark. Slowly by slowly I began to understand the reason for living. I began to look forward to beincaterpillar-with-bowg a butterfly. I had role models to look up to while I was faced with the challenge of selecting which colors I wanted to have on my wings. Some were already predetermined by my genes and upbringing, but others had to be acquired by the choices I made. Slowly by slowly I began to realize that this whole process was highly dependent on what I fed myself with; either Faith or fear. Whenever I was eating the right diet, exercising what I’ve learnt, my colors would begin to glow. Whenever I fed on rubbish and shamelessly practiced the same, my colors would fade. This became a cycle. A Kingdom citizen living in Babylon. Forces within and without began to fight. Since my exoskeleton does not stretch no matter how much I eat, the molting process began. A lot of outgrown skin had to be shed. This is the most painful process I have had to go through. Disconnecting myself from those who create distraction, dissension and disrespect. Choosing those who will go with me to the next stage to assist me in preparing to be a butterfly.

In my hearts of hearts, I thank God for my one Friend who will never leave nor forsake me; The One who knows my coming in and my going out. The One who knows my expected end; The One who came and made my heart His home; The One who breathed life into the egg that was nurtured into a larva and is now gearing to hibernate as a pupa; The One who will color the stripes on my butterfly  wings; I am talking about My Father, My Savior, My Paraclete!

4640501-butterfly-pupa-milkweed-butterflyHere I am now. I have fed my way into this. I’m finally done with the circles I made while feeding on the leaves. Having reached my full length and weight, I have acquired a new name – Chrysalis (Does it sound kinda like ‘Christ’ to you?). You can call me Christ’s Ally. From the outside, I may look as if I am just resting but the inside is where all the action is. I am rapidly changing. My old body parts are undergoing a remarkable transformation – You could call this metamorphosis – to become the beautiful parts that will make up the butterfly that will emerge.

I’m letting go of fear, failure, poverty, lack, disease, infirmity, laziness, doubt, hatred, hopelessness, bitterness and death.

I’m embracing Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Humility, Self – Control, Prosperity, Divine Health, Faith, Success, Abundance, Creativity and Zoe Life. I am learning the ropes of my call; getting to know my purpose, repenting of the damages I caused in my previous stage that had to be molted out of my life and thanking God for bringing me this far, despite lots of wrong turns taken again and again. I am also learning how to embrace those around me that have been assigned to take me through this stage. I need all the rest I can get.

I am about to burst out of this and pump the Blood that gives me strength from day to day so that I am strong enough to fly and begin to reproduce. My eggs will be determined by my character. They nebutterfly-18aed to be Kingdom minded eggs and not earthly ones; they need to be given a good head start in their own cycles so as to enjoy the process. The earth needs to be filled thus I need to save on time. Oh how I look forward to this day; a day when I will be soaring on high; seeing the world from above, where I am seated; manifesting God’s goodness in all its aspects. Sharing what I have with those who need it; totally and completely putting my trust in the One who never fails; walking the talk and making my Father proud!

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Room 314

I began the journey at around 6 a.m. The traffic to town wasn’t too bad. The plan was to be in town by 9 a.m. so as to catch a shuttle to Nakuru. This, unlike other days, was a day full of many travels. Instead of working from our head office here in Nairobi, I was headed for spot checks cum meet – the branch colleagues. My itinerary wasn’t quite clear but all I knew is that I was to do a round trip in two days.

Day one began well. Got to the first branch before noon. A good start it was, learning their operations and sharing ideas on the way forward. The story was the same in the other branches (which were in different counties thus I spent a lot of time on the road). Evening came and I sought for a place to lay my head. I ended up in this dingy guest house, all in the name of promoting a friend. My room was called simba though no part of it lived to its name. All in all, I managed to rest.

Day two was tiring! The plan kept changing, causing some level of frustration. The idea was to clear the day’s assignment and return home. All this time my head was only thinking of work yet I had left my baby at home with a one week old nanny. I didn’t have time to panic cause duty called. The task at hand was accomplished successfully but time was not on my side. It was obvious that this was another night in a guest house.

My colleagues and I converged in Nakuru town and that is where they introduced me to Room 314! It was just a few minutes to midnight. Before paying for the service, I was asked to go upstairs, meet her and decide whether she was worth my sleep. It was love at first sight.

20151009_231638I must admit that her covers are much better than those I own right now. Look at her net….it’s so welcoming!

She managed to switch me from business trip to vacation mode. I don’t remember how long I was in the shower. All I remember is the volume of water coming from my eyes. The drainage couldn’t differentiate between the two. Both waters were warm; both waters were full of dirt since they were from cleansing; one within and one without. By the time my body was clean, my heart was open.

Room 314 was about to meet the real ANNEOBURE.

There was nothing to fear anymore. We were all alone. These walls, like all others, had ears. The only difference is they echoed back what I said only to me and gave me the guts to know that my secrets were safe with her. It hit me that I had never taken a holiday since I got hitched. Life became so busy, the one I thought would care about me became even busier. It was always about work, work, work. With little breaks of baby, baby, baby (no regrets).

One Day At A Time

(I’m adding this on the 18th of April, 2017: God has just opened my eyes and made me notice that Room 314 Resembles Rom 3:14, which says, ‘Whose mouth was full of cursing and bitterness!’ That was exactly who I was when originally writing this post.)

My mind drifted back to a time when I was just Anne Obure. I allowed myself to remember how it was. This was the transitional period between being Gordon and Jeddy’s little girl, to becoming someone’s companion. I remember treating myself, going out with my friends, doing mission work, loving on God in all possible ways. I don’t know when Anne Obure disappeared, but trust me I know for sure where she disappeared to. That’s the only reason she’s back! Bigger and Better! (literally…hahaha). Though beaten, not bitter. Cast down but not destroyed. In fact there’s a part of me that gets excited when I think of the past four years of pain. I’m yet to understand why.

20151010_081904This is where I found her; in Rm 314. Just as the net welcomed me the night before in the dark, likewise, the sun came through the window in the morning, caressing my back, drying the drenched sheets and telling me, “Gal, go out there and make it count once more!”

I must admit that despite the pain I have gone through (still going through), This one night event helped me realize that I’ve got to remain strong. It began as a hectic business trip and ended as a prescribed rest period that I thoroughly needed. Watch this space for Nyeri trip which is a week away!

I cannot end this post without introducing you guys to Rm 314. This is where she dwells:

When in town, give her a visit. You will not regret. I trust her not to share my secrets with you. We share something more. I being 31, Rm 314 kinda sounds like the room for me. 31 for(4): For those who are 31. But worry not, she dwells with others: 001 – 313 and beyond! Calculate your age and take your pick. Who knows what her sisters have in store for you. A big thank you to the staff at Leopard View Hotel. The service was excellent! The meals were delicious too!

For now, meet the Guy who keeps me going; The One who’ll never let me go; Listen to His biography; He sticks really close….

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As I sit back and allow myself to daydream, my mind goes back to the year when I went through some counseling with the aim of getting married. I had met this guy that I felt would be a lovely dude to spend the rest of my life with and since we were members of the same church, there was very little opposition when we approached our various zonal pastors and made our intentions known. Before long, we got into the list for counselees who were tying the knot soon. The programme was awesome! Enjoyable, insightful, mature, spiritually enlightening, to mention but the least. To cut the long story short, this ain’t the guy who married me. I know you’re wondering why I got into so much detail, well, there’s one thing I learnt during this period that stuck with me for life: COUNTERFEIT.

One of the assignments we had been given is seven pointers on whether your fiancé is the ONE or not. Among the things to watch out for was ‘marrying a counterfeit’. This was the person you were 100% sure you wanted to spend the rest of your life with but you hadn’t taken him/her through screening, you hadn’t given the thought time to mature, etc. As the definition goes, this counterfeit partner was one who was a fake replica of your real soul mate; one who portrayed exactly the characteristics you went out searching for but contained a hidden agenda, character, with the intention to deceive or defraud. In short, this is a sham, bogus, fake person.

Have you ever heard of the saying that goes, ‘All shall be tested on the things they have learnt’? You better be attentive in the classroom you are in. Exams are round the corner. I jumped out of my premarital counseling class (which was aborted since I discovered that wasn’t ‘the’ dude) and bumped into my counterfeit. It’s a shame I failed that exam; big time!

Shortly after learning this lesson, I get my prince charming; I was so sure that I was done with all the frogs (I wonder whether this same saying is used in China where frogs aren’t viewed as bad). This guy came with a bounce and a tilt that swept me off my feet. This guy knew the things that ticked my clock and caused my boat to float. I opened up to him and lay myself bear before him (quite close to idolatry). This is coz I had been to many places, done so many unthinkables, broken a few hearts, thus I was sure these things could follow me to my matrimonial home, why not expose myself in advance. When it was his turn, he came out as one who had never sinned, never erred in his entire life. This was one of the many red flags that I still didn’t see. Just mention anything perfect, he was.

Before I could say ‘Jack Robinson’, I was Mrs. Counterfeit. This is a follow up from the previous post I am still suffering the consequences of a bogus marriage. Sham is synonymous to counterfeit and quite close to his name.


I wouldn’t wanna leave it on a sad note; not my nature. I have a way of making the best out of what I have. I have decided to view that experience as a necessary one. Since the counterfeit didn’t damage my originality (though it almost did), I have lived to tell the story. I’ll make sure that it is heard and read to the rooftops. Others can learn from it. I am rising up, still dusting myself as I revise the lessons I need to master. I’ve got an F1 generation to care for. Though he physically resembles the counterfeit (looks exactly like daddy), he’s still innocent and I’ll strive to ensure that he remains so by imparting original ideas, genuine motives and sincere character into his heart.

The big question is: How can something so fake produce something so real?

The big answer is: A God who ain’t a respecter of persons.

I’m honored to have a second chance. Lack of a cowardice spirit in me will result into trying that journey again sometime.



This is a day I will remember…..even in eternity. (Oops! There’s neither space nor time in this dispensation). Anyway, it is the best day of my life in many ways. First and foremost, this is the day my loving mom and dad held me in their arms for the very first time. What a joy it must have been; to behold their second daughter. Finally a playmate for their naughty first (who happens to be not only a sister and a friend, but also my maid of honor). Due to lack of memory for this particular day, for obvious biological reasons, my description ends here.

This is the day I said ‘I Do’, twenty seven years later. I must admit that there was some sort of happiness. Could it have been due to this being the beginning of a new journey, thus anticipation of a better tomorrow (not to mean that the yester was a bummer…. single-hood was a ball!). Or maybe just as the Bible says, ‘Two are better than one’, that was reason enough to celebrate. Well, I didn’t get a chance to dance kanungo with all my relatives and friends (story for another day), but all in all, it was a success. Thanks be to God for such a chance. Many have but dreamt to have that ring in their finger, others have even gone ahead and worn meaningless ones for one reason or the other…. nothing against rings in general, but for this particular one on my finger……story for another day.

This is the day my one and only baby boy, Yuyu, took his first spoon of food after exclusively breastfeeding for six months. Many thanks to the moms on ‘Breastfeeding Support For Kenyan Moms’ as well as those on ‘My Newborn And Beyond’ as we prodded together towards the silver award mark. If ever there was something in life I am proud of, it is the selflessness lessons that I received during this period, when you have this little thing that’s totally dependent on you. Now you understand my relief when finally the weaning process began. Greater things have followed.

This is the day I finally held the keys to a car I called my own, exactly three years after getting hitched. All the jaluo in me came out. Lights, camera, action! My family and friends were informed of it seconds after I received it (or was it seconds before? Hahaha). Indeed I turned thirty in style, or so I thought. I felt loved, blessed, thought of, to mention the least. Just like the ring, this car is also a story for another day.

This is today! A day of new beginnings; a day of celebration; a day of remembrance; another year added to my life; a day of clarity regarding my pending issue. Yes! A day of confirming my existence as well as negating some decisions made in the past. Thank God it is a day that He has made, for us to rejoice and be glad. Mom I return to you: to thank you, to celebrate with you, to laugh/cry with you, to be your baby again. Happy Birthday Anne Obure!
Oh! It just got better! Mom says she had just turned twenty four when she had me…. wow! The doing of our Lord!

September The 24th