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The End Of The World

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”


Yesterday I had a good stare at this flower. It fascinated me. I found it quite beautiful despite the layer of dust concealing its glow.

I took a walk from work to a friend’s place (it took me an hour). My mind was full of stuff. I questioned reasons for global warming – whether it’s true or not, I wondered how long credit crunch would last and how it affects me, I tried to count the number of countries listed as first world, I kept licking my lipstick (I wasn’t sure whether the makeup I was wearing was real or fake). Then a friend texted me a link saying how we can make instant cash. This link happened to be a scum. This world’s issues were popping up, one after the other.

My mind began to race. I wondered what tomorrow held. Hahaha. That’s if tomorrow had hands to hold. Then it hit me! Enough is enough! If everyone stopped for a second and did what was expected of them….if everyone just did the right thing, all would be well. But then again people interpret the ‘right’ thing differently. Another dead end.

This is my conclusion. Let the ‘world’ come to an end. It shouldn’t dictate your status. Find what makes you happy without making others sad. Dance in the rain. Stop complaining. Enjoy the beauty around. Celebrate the ones you love. Work with what you have.

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Serenity.”


Things around me can really get messy. Everything seems out of place. No one seems to understand. Those who do may have given me remedies that seem to increase the cracks on the glass. The whole picture has ended up looking like a colorful collage.

Though spectators may sympathise with me based on what they see, the best part is the peace I have inside…..unbelievable. I look at the cracks and pity myself at times. Though when I look at the complete picture from a different angle, I am amazed at the beauty it has created.

The best part of it all is knowing that I’m the only one who can see what lies behind the broken glass – Serenity!

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Hidden Serenity

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Give Love A Chance

There have been times when you have been hurt. Most of the times you didn’t go out of your way to suffer the misfortune; it somehow located you. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why me?” I have. It’s somewhat unfair. Some say ‘it’s life’. Others say ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’. Can life really be that unpredictably painful? Does it depend on the way you look at it? Let me give you a short scenario: Shantel’s relationship with Darren comes to an end. Darren subsequently hooks up with Felicia. Felicia celebrates while Shantel’s world is shuttered. One man’s meat is another’s poison. Can we blame it on life’s troubles? Jaden gets his dream job just to realise that the man who occupied that office before him died in a road accident a month before. Should he celebrate the death that gave him this opportunity?

We have one life to live; one chance to make the best out of it.

When I was in kindergarten my greatest discomfort was how to cross the wide road outside our school.

Grade 1: Can I have extra milk during break? (we’d get government – sponsored milk)

Grade 2: Why can’t I stay in school til evening like the older kids?

Grade 3: Dictation is hard! Staying in class after lunch break is boring!

Grade 4: Do I have to share a desk with a boy?

Grade 5: I want to have hair as long as Naomi’s

Grade 6: Mom, can I go to boarding school?

Grade 7: Why don’t I get love letters from Peter? These ones from Charles suck!

Grade 8: Oh no! I wish I focused on school work more….. And the questions get complicated as we grow older.

Love will always smile at you, only if you give Him a chance. You definitely have questions as to why some things ended up the way they did. I’m not gonna give you the answer. All I can say is be the carrier of Love. If all of us do that, don’t you think things would be much better? Don’t wait for someone to die for you to speak in their funeral, stating how much you loved them. Take time to visit your aged parents and grandparents. Give them a reason to live another day. Call your kids up and reassure them of your love. It’ll build their self esteem.

Bottom line: Forgive and forget. Love needs you and I to move. Look up! Love is smiling on you. All you need to do is to mirror that beautiful smile to those around you.

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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”

Light comes in to illuminate. In effect, He brings out some areas and overshadows others. The product is overwhelming. He majors on your best side and conceals others, forming a silhouette. It also depends on which side you have permitted Light to illuminate.

Most of the time you are only willing to give Him your good side, allowing all your contours to be highlighted. Other times He catches you unawares and shadows your whole being. These are the most natural times. When you are under the shadow of Light’s wings. His rays play around with your being, creating supernatural images that are appealing to the world. The beauty of being shadowed is the cool effect one enjoys. There is peace and tranquility whilst in the shadow.



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Colour Your World

wp-1420704273709-1-1-1 Hey! Today I thought about you. Most of the time I think of ‘me’. I asked myself, “what makes you happy?”, “what makes you grumpy?”, “what makes you worthy?”, etc. To be honest, it’s hard to tell. The only person who can understand you is you. Everyone else will try to interprete your thoughts and actions. Some will get it right today and wrong tomorrow. Your daddy thought he knew you… til you married from another race. Your spouse thought she had finally mastered you… til you came out of the closet. Your children? Always show them a side they can look up to. Your teachers spoke highly of you, thank God you proved them right.

What am I trying to do? To understand you? No. I’m trying to make you understand you. Others don’t know you. Life is full of ups and downs. Use the latter as a support to get up and the former as a ceiling for your next endeavour. It’s funny how I began by saying it was you I was thinking of yet I can hear myself ministering to me. This just goes to strengthen my point: I know me as well as you know you.

Makes sense? Now that we have that in place, I’m here to inform you that you are the only one who can colour your world. There are no two people whose feet have stepped on the exact same spot throughout their days in this life. You think and act the way you do due to your make-up, upbringing, experiences, genes, teachings, exposure….. uniqueness is the word. Learn all you can from others.  Feel free to personalise your findings. If you come across something boring,  don’t complain. Maybe you were the missing ingredient needed to liven it up. There must be a reason why you were included on this earth; a reason why you stumbled upon these writings;  a reason why you are different.  Celebrate your uniqueness. Take time to dance (literally).

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Meet-The-Bloggers Tour!


Nothing’s new under the sun! I’ve taken time to tour other blogs. There’s so much to learn from each other. Getting to know someone’s thoughts makes you feel as though you have actually met them. I’m feeling so exposed right now. There are so many ideas that are being shared. I’ve also met a few like-minded people.

The best way to describe the feeling is using a merry-go-round: getting to see the globe in many angles, through other people’s eyes. We as bloggers should therefore be careful not to misrepresent something, at the same time being free to air our opinions. This is indeed a community in its own. I’m glad to be part of it. If we compare it to the kingdoms of old, we sure know our domain. The big question is, who is our King? (A wild thought).

In here you can be anything you want to be. Content is inexhaustible. Time and space aren’t limitations. It’s very easy to detour as you go from one read to another. Hahaha. If you’re not careful you could skip meals (and baths too!). As I return to the adventures of blogging,  I hope to meet with you and get to know you. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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