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The World’s Most Powerful Vaccine!

A Viable Invention!
Essential For Perfect Growth!
The Greatest Medicine in the World!

As we begin 2018, we at AnneObure take this opportunity to declare to you a Glorious New Year that consists of all the good things. We shall expound on every good thing, giving you guidelines on how to attain each and every one of them.

No. 1 Divine Health

  • Where He leads, you aptly go! (Diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord).
  • What He expects, you accurately perform! (Do that which is right in the Lord’s sight).
  • When He speaks, you attentively listen! (Give ear to the Lord’s commandments).
  • How He prescribes, you accurately follow! (Keep all of the Lord’s statutes).
  • Which diseases are prevented? All! (Free from all diseases).

Invented by: Jehovah Rapha (The Lord That Healeth Thee).

Excerpt: The Word (Exodus 15:26) The bracketed areas are from The Bible – Verbatim.

Prayer: You are the Lord that Healeth me, You are the Lord, my Healer; You sent Your Word and healed my disease, You are the Lord, my Healer.

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