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The Final Leg – Royal Finesse, Acacia Plains – Kitengela

Three years ago, Cheriez Properties Ltd. conceived Royal Finesse and now we are proud to inform you that the delivery process has been successful! I caught up with them somewhere along the way and the rest is history.

The journey has not been easy, but for sure it’s been worth it. Royal Finesse is the first born of many to come; reason why we only had two options, either the best or the best!

Before you put a full stop to this story that has just began, I’ve got good news! Cheriez Properties Ltd. is pregnant again! this time round, multiple babies! Let me introduce you to her second born, Royal Pearl-Syokimau.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In the same breath, Royal Pearl-Syokimau walks, talks and resembles her sibling, Royal Finesse-Kitengela. However, each child is unique in their own way. Below are their similarities as well as their differences:


  1. Both are children of Cheriez Properties Ltd.
  2. Both are gated communities.
  3. Both have a DSQ.
  4. Both are all ensuite.
  5. Both have multiple balconies.
  6. Both have a fully fitted modern kitchen.
  7. Both have a fully equipped gym.
  8. Both have a swimming pool.
  9. Both have a kids play area.
  10. Both have landscape gardens.
  11. Both have a borehole.
  12. Both are available for sale.
  13. Both are Royal!


  • While Royal Finesse is in Acacia Plains – Kitengela, Royal Pearl is in Kutch Rd – Syokimau.
  • While Royal Finesse comprises of 5 Bed Townhouses with a DSQ, Royal Pearl comprises of 3 Bed Luxury Apartments with a DSQ.
  • While Royal Finesse is almost complete, Royal Pearl is about to break ground (Off-Plan Project).
  • While Royal Finesse goes for Ksh. 19M, Royal Pearl has a Cash Offer of Ksh. 8.5M for her early birds.

We invite you to visit our show house in Royal Finesse-Kitengela as you select which of our two children you will adopt as your own. We promise you nothing but the best! Watch this space for the launch date of Royal Pearl in a few weeks (show house is almost ready)

Call us on +254 782 242 404 / +254 721 311 187 for more details. Not in Kenya? Drop us an email at

Royal Finesse-Kitengela Final Leg



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