Singapore Masters Swimming Championships 2017

Beyond Superficial. Timeless Athletes! With Conventional Wisdom. Aquatic Pedestrians. Kenya’s Anne Obure and Clare Mungai will be flying the country’s flag in the Singapore Masters swimming Championships planned for October 29. Obure, 33, will be making her debut in the event and will feature in three events thus 50m freestyle, 50m breast stroke and 100m breast…… Continue reading Singapore Masters Swimming Championships 2017

Work – At – Home Management Tips

Physical Location – Set an office space in one of the corners of the house. Ensure that it’s not facing the door/gate. This way you will be able to minimize on unnecessary distractions. Facilitation – Make sure you have everything you need within arm’s reach: drinking water, remote control, phones, notebook, pen, laptop, etc. Organization – Prepare a…… Continue reading Work – At – Home Management Tips