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From Opaque To Awake

If Light does not penetrate, how will we see?
If we are thick – headed, how will we be able to understand?
If we are not transparent, how will others learn from us?
If we are opaque, how will our Maker reach us?

I am awake, watching and waiting
I am awake, searching the Word
I am awake, interceding for the Lost
I am awake, communing with my Maker

Wake up! Open your eyes.
Wake up! Clear your mind.
Wake up! Receive the Light.
Wake up! Your Maker beckons.

Opacity kills! Light gives life!

Via: From Opaque To Awake

Song: Shine Jesus Shine



My passions: Enjoying everything I do. Seeking to make a difference everywhere I go. My desires: Seeing people smile; Seeing others enjoy life (myself included). My greatest dream: To make this life worth living, making use of the resources at my disposal. My description: A fun-loving young lady striving to make it count. A vibrant explorer allowing my fingers to get burnt as I go by. A teachable spirit finding my way to every practical classroom life throws my way. A short-tempered perfectionist who can't settle for less. A curious child hoping to learn grown up stuff. A careless being making foolish mistakes. A loving mother trying to give my baby the best. My expectations: Exposure, mind-blowing knowledge, building relationships, travelling the world at the click of a button, emptying the words clogging my brain, being a team player in this arena. Downloading heaven's answers to earth's questions. My goal: Limitless!

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