Don’t forget what you were made for.

I was made to Love and be Loved. I was made to share my life with you. I was made to make a difference. I was made to overcome. I was made to thrive. When all is said and done, I was made whole!

James is Trying

You were made to dream.
Made to believe.
Made to have unbreakable faith.
You were made to put everything you have into something.
Made to count on it.
To rely on it.
To know it will always be there.
You were made to be wrong.

You were made to be let down.
Made to question your faith.
Question love.
Question hope.
Question yourself.
You were made to be broken.

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ゆけん Turns 4 Today!

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Suffering The Child: Your Responsibility

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Work At Home Pleasures

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