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Don’t forget what you were made for.

I was made to Love and be Loved. I was made to share my life with you. I was made to make a difference. I was made to overcome. I was made to thrive. When all is said and done, I was made whole!

James is Trying

You were made to dream.
Made to believe.
Made to have unbreakable faith.
You were made to put everything you have into something.
Made to count on it.
To rely on it.
To know it will always be there.
You were made to be wrong.

You were made to be let down.
Made to question your faith.
Question love.
Question hope.
Question yourself.
You were made to be broken.

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ゆけん Turns 4 Today!

Today’s blog post is about YUKEN (ゆけん). You ask where this name came from? Well, I made it up. His father wanted a Japanese name and all the available ones didn’t sound right to me. I therefore looked up the words ‘brave’ and ‘courageous’ and found Yu (ゆ). It also means: superiority, tenderness, friend, qualified, help, abundance, masculine, permanence, reason and assist. After a challenging pregnancy, it was inevitable to add the words ‘healthy’ and ‘strong’ i.e. Ken (けん ), and voilà! Yuken was created.

Today’s blog post is about Shujaa (Hero).

  • The boy who beat all odds and made it to planet earth
  • The boy who beat all odds and enjoyed the benefits of exclusive breast milk regardless of the fact that he never got to learn how to suckle.(Express is a word used to mean something sent fast, without any stopovers being made; expressing breast milk on the other hand was a life and death kinda situation for Yuyu and I).

Listen carefully: I have given you authority [that you now possess] to tread on [a]serpents and scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you.

Luke 10:19

Today’s blog post is about Yuyu. This boy brings tears to my eyes. I work day and night to ensure he plays night and day. Although his looks are nowhere close to mine,except for our hairs (or lack of it), Yuyu reminds me of me. The boy is content with whatever you hand to him.

He is such a selfless boy. How do I know that? He loves Spider-Man more than he loves himself. He is such a mommy’s boy. How do I know that? As ‘woof woof’ is to dog, ‘mommy mommy’ is to Yuken. Not a minute passes by before I am mentioned. He’s such a male species. How do I know that? He tells me I am smart even when I’m in a towel. He’s so God – sent. How do I know that? There’s nothing I did to deserve him.

Today’s blog post is about Yuken turning four. As North, South, East and West denote the four directions life can lead you to; As Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer denote the four seasons the world can have you experience;  As you turn four, may you be the fourth member at the decision-making table that’s occupied by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit on issues pertaining to your life. May you mirror God’s goodness all round. God bless you my son (I bless you too).

Deuteronomy 28:11-13

11 The Lord will make you rich. You will have many children. Your cattle will have many calves. Your land will give good crops. It is the land that the Lord promised your ancestors he would give to you.

12 The Lord will open up his storehouse. The skies will send rain on your land at the right time. And he will bless everything you do. You will lend to other nations. But you will not need to borrow from them.

13 The Lord will make you like the head and not like the tail. You will be on top and not on bottom. But you must obey the commands of the Lord your God that I am giving you today. Be careful to keep them.

Happy 4th Birthday!

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Suffering The Child: Your Responsibility

What a joy it is to train a child on a certain task and see them perform it as expected. These little creatures watch us closely and before long, they begin to behave like us. It is therefore important that we take precaution in our daily happenings for the sake of transferring only the right attributes to them. The same applies to the principles of the Kingdom of God. Just as your child will learn how to walk, talk, smile and even clap by watching you and others do it, so does he or she learn of and about God.


Picture of hands courtesy of David Niblick at Imagebase

Have you ever wondered why God used the word ‘suffer’? Does it sound too strong to be used in the same sentence as the word ‘child’? The first time I came across this verse, I was perplexed. I know that there are other translations that have used different words in the place of ‘suffer’, but this is purely for the sake of a better understanding to the target audience. After experiencing motherhood, I now support this word completely. It basically means that we have to do what it takes to ensure that these children catch the Kingdom Culture; we have to ensure that they do not miss heaven! Moreover, we have to do this while they are still young, so that we do not regret in the future when it is too late.

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


A good example would be potty training. When they are born, children live on diapers as much as milk. There’s no greater joy to a mother than a child who has done a poop. At this stage, the diaper captures fieces; the only communication the infant’s body has with the doctor in case of an infection since speech has not been developed. As soon as the child is able to speak, potty training commences, and this process is very delicate as well as very important. Did you know that delayed toilet training puts children at a higher risk of developing bladder problems such as daytime incontinence, bed wetting and recurrent Urinary Tract Infections? For more information go to If potty training is not done at home, it will have to be done in school and the parent will have no control of the methods used. This may lead to low self esteem. In the same breath, if we don’t teach our children who God is, someone else will teach them everything that He’s not.


Teaching our children the ways of God does not necessarily entail a blackboard, some chalk and a stick. These little beings catch anything and everything. What does this mean? Our lives should mirror Christ. Monkey see, monkey do. The same God who has entrusted these kids to us is more than willing to guide us on this process, remembering that he is the Author and Perfecter of our lives, He is the Beginning and the End, He knew us (our children included) even before we were born. Our work therefore as parents and guardians is not only to nurture our children into physical successes, but also to unfold the Kingdom Agenda to them and help them find where they fit into it and together as the body of Christ we will be able to reconcile this world back to God.

Daliela Watkins says it clearly on the video below:

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Work At Home Pleasures

Laugh At WorkYou get to make funny faces during a board meeting. You get to wear what you want. You get to spend time with your offspring. People who work from home have an easier time eating healthy and striking a manageable work-life balance. Eating healthier and having more time to spend with your family can help you feel less stressed, which will make for a happier more productive workday.  A 2011 study from Staples found that employees who worked from home experienced 25 percent less stress. Employees also reported that they were able to maintain a better work life balance, as well as eat healthier.

Cofounder of SimpleTexting, Felix Dubinksy, notes the health benefits of being at home, “It’s much easier to keep a healthy diet while eating at home. You save a lot of stressful hours that would have been spent commuting. You can construct a comfortable work environment for yourself. Spend more time with family.”

Working Home PleasuresFor many, the physical proximity to family and the convenience of being at home are tremendously comforting. For parents it can be especially pacifying to know that they are very near to their children and available should they be needed for any reason.

Alessandra Ceresa, Marketing Director of Greenrope, finds he can balance his work and life much easier when he works remote, “Because much of what we do is not constrained within the hours of 9-5, I am able to go to the gym in the middle of the day, take a walk, do errands. When I take these sorts of breaks, the moment I sit back down to work I am focused. My life is balanced, because I get all of my work done, and have time to actually live my life.”

Balozi Studio TingsOften with long commutes and anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a day spent getting to and from the workplace both physical and mental health are adversely impacted; the former as the gym hours are usually the first to go and the latter due to the stresses associated with both the commute and the workplace itself. By working at home the commuting time saved enables you to resume physical exercise, to go for a long walk for example before and after work or to join a local gym. Removed from the stresses and distractions of the workplace and working independently in their own preferred environment at their own pace, professionals are often a lot happier and a lot more productive.

The best part of it is you get to save on on many hidden costs associated with going to work. These include costs of commuting, car wear and tear, fuel, road taxes, parking, office rent as well as indirect costs such as expensive professional wardrobes and the dry-cleaning of those. Often you can also save on daycare expenses!

Work Home ProEverything has its pros and cons. Working from home is not for anyone. It takes a lot of dedication, self-control and discipline to motivate yourself to persevere in working at home alone over the long run without succumbing to the distractions and losing drive and momentum. Often a partial arrangement where you report into the office once or twice a week is the optimal arrangement as it allows for close interaction with colleagues and supervisors and ensures you remain in touch with company developments while still permitting you the comfort and convenience of working from home.

Lastly, Kevin Kruse says, “You can do your job wherever and whenever you want…you can even sit in a beach chair with a cocktail in hand for all I care…as long as you get our desired results.

A survey summarized in the Microsoft whitepaper, Work without Walls, indicates the top 10 benefits of working from home from the employee viewpoint. In reverse order:

10) Environmentally friendly (23%)

9) More time with family (29%)

8) Less stressful environment (38%)

7) Quieter atmosphere (43%)

6) Eliminate long commute (44%)

5) Less distractions (44%)

4) More productive (45%)

3) Avoid traffic (47%)

2) Save gas (55%)

1) Work/home balance (60%)

Well, there you have it. As I conclude, allow me to whisper this hidden benefit: On a lighter note, you can take a comfortable snooze when your eyelids have sworn not to part ways and not get a warning letter while at it. This is because the bed is right next to you. All I can say is do not put yourself in a box. Think far and wide. Bring the world to you. Explore the internet. Challenge yourself. Seek to learn more things, even those that are not in your line of duty. You have one life to live that you will have to account for when all is said and done.

In short, ‘Jiachilie’