Mother & Child

#Issue 1

(By Anne Obure)

Can you imagine going into a land you have never been, not by choice and beginning to learn things from scratch! This is the journey children make when they are born. It may seem common since everyone began from this point but it is one experience that we go through and end up as we are due to the effort of another (could be biological mother or guardian). Sometimes the results lead to a good healthy life but unfortunately some journeys are cut short by death caused by various reasons, one of them being negligence/ignorance on the mother’s side.

It is therefore important for the expectant mother to thoroughly research on this gift of life that is growing in her so as to sufficiently care for it. Motherhood can be beautiful if one is adequately prepared for the challenges it comes with. Preparation begins as early as one begins to understand where babies come from, when they themselves are still young.

cartoon-exit-signLife begins at conception. Although this notion has been debated severally in various parts of the world, research has proven that babies have personalities from as early as embryo stage. A mother should therefore plan to engage this ‘person’ while he or she is still living and growing in her womb. We can see how crucial this is since at this point, the baby only has one teacher. He or she therefore learns everything this teacher trains him on. Need I emphasize more?

Join me in this exciting journey of discovering how geniuses are made rather than praying and wishing that one day you will give birth to one. Get back into your pram and buckle up!


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