The End Of The World

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”


Yesterday I had a good stare at this flower. It fascinated me. I found it quite beautiful despite the layer of dust concealing its glow.

I took a walk from work to a friend’s place (it took me an hour). My mind was full of stuff. I questioned reasons for global warming – whether it’s true or not, I wondered how long credit crunch would last and how it affects me, I tried to count the number of countries listed as first world, I kept licking my lipstick (I wasn’t sure whether the makeup I was wearing was real or fake). Then a friend texted me a link saying how we can make instant cash. This link happened to be a scum. This world’s issues were popping up, one after the other.

My mind began to race. I wondered what tomorrow held. Hahaha. That’s if tomorrow had hands to hold. Then it hit me! Enough is enough! If everyone stopped for a second and did what was expected of them….if everyone just did the right thing, all would be well. But then again people interpret the ‘right’ thing differently. Another dead end.

This is my conclusion. Let the ‘world’ come to an end. It shouldn’t dictate your status. Find what makes you happy without making others sad. Dance in the rain. Stop complaining. Enjoy the beauty around. Celebrate the ones you love. Work with what you have.

Blogging U.


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