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Colour Your World

wp-1420704273709-1-1-1 Hey! Today I thought about you. Most of the time I think of ‘me’. I asked myself, “what makes you happy?”, “what makes you grumpy?”, “what makes you worthy?”, etc. To be honest, it’s hard to tell. The only person who can understand you is you. Everyone else will try to interprete your thoughts and actions. Some will get it right today and wrong tomorrow. Your daddy thought he knew you… til you married from another race. Your spouse thought she had finally mastered you… til you came out of the closet. Your children? Always show them a side they can look up to. Your teachers spoke highly of you, thank God you proved them right.

What am I trying to do? To understand you? No. I’m trying to make you understand you. Others don’t know you. Life is full of ups and downs. Use the latter as a support to get up and the former as a ceiling for your next endeavour. It’s funny how I began by saying it was you I was thinking of yet I can hear myself ministering to me. This just goes to strengthen my point: I know me as well as you know you.

Makes sense? Now that we have that in place, I’m here to inform you that you are the only one who can colour your world. There are no two people whose feet have stepped on the exact same spot throughout their days in this life. You think and act the way you do due to your make-up, upbringing, experiences, genes, teachings, exposure….. uniqueness is the word. Learn all you can from others.  Feel free to personalise your findings. If you come across something boring,  don’t complain. Maybe you were the missing ingredient needed to liven it up. There must be a reason why you were included on this earth; a reason why you stumbled upon these writings;  a reason why you are different.  Celebrate your uniqueness. Take time to dance (literally).

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My passions: Enjoying everything I do. Seeking to make a difference everywhere I go. My desires: Seeing people smile; Seeing others enjoy life (myself included). My greatest dream: To make this life worth living, making use of the resources at my disposal. My description: A fun-loving young lady striving to make it count. A vibrant explorer allowing my fingers to get burnt as I go by. A teachable spirit finding my way to every practical classroom life throws my way. A short-tempered perfectionist who can't settle for less. A curious child hoping to learn grown up stuff. A careless being making foolish mistakes. A loving mother trying to give my baby the best. My expectations: Exposure, mind-blowing knowledge, building relationships, travelling the world at the click of a button, emptying the words clogging my brain, being a team player in this arena. Downloading heaven's answers to earth's questions. My goal: Limitless!

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