Splish Splash!



There’s always a ‘first’ in everything. Some beginnings come easy while others are a nightmare! It was the first time for my twenty month old son to go for a swim. He loved the swimming gear and the water seemed to be calling him in (considering he loves his bath sessions). Since the sun was out and scotching hot, it didn’t occur to me that the cold water would bite. As soon as I introduced him to this ‘new’ system, the little one let out a shout that seemed to be directed to his Maker. He tried to run, not realizing that locomotion technique was different in this new environment. Trusting the floater was out of the question. All he wanted was out.
After a few words of assurance, he finally agreed to remain and enjoy.
Every new endeavor requires knowledge and support. Initially it may look or feel like hell on earth but after a while, you will forget the old. Each step is important. Enjoy every moment since life ain’t a rehearsal. Learn from every mistake so that you may be able to assist those who come after you. Baby steps do not last forever. Enjoy the newness of this year!


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